We are a group of building technologistsoriented towards design for the future. Not a future that is extrapolated from the past with high consumption and high waste but a future that is sufficient, regenerative, and efficient. We are known for ourinnovative approaches to architecture and project management. 

We add to the value that our work creates through energy-efficient architecture, eco-friendly design, and people's participation in planning, as required. For over 30 years we have been working with passive and low energy architecture, hybrid air-conditioning, autonomous energy and water systems, earth construction, community-based design of common property, and computer-aided design.

Our teams consist mainly of architects, engineers, and project managers with varying backgrounds.  This multi-disciplinary mix helps us remain innovative and efficient at the same time.
Sanjay Prakash
D K Sharma
Rakesh Sood
Nitin Sharma

The Team